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     Publishing and self-publishing websites are exploding in growth and popularity:  As conventional publishing avenues become more and more restrictive, self-publishing becomes almost a necessity for new authors, and self-publishing grows more attractive as more authors realize the much-higher profit margins available.  Self-publishing is also becoming more accepted by readers, especially as they realize that more reward can go to their favorite authors while still reducing readers' costs.

     Here at delPrado Press, self-publishing and publishing services are offered ala carte for author convenience.  While many publishing and self-publishing sites offer most of the same things (There is only one copyright office, for example), we believe we offer the best in terms of  making self-publishing and publishing services, direct and corollary, available to authors with the end result being that the self-publishing author is freed to do what they do best: Write!

     A quick word of welcome to our readers is also in order: WELCOME!  By purchasing self-published works online, you're helping save the environment, allowing trees to be spared.  You're also helping authors who might otherwise have escaped notice to achieve their dreams, without contributing to the corporate greed of conventional publishers.  You may find works listed by title here, or listed by author here.

All of our works have been translated into pdf format, you may wish to download a free copy of Adobe's Reader here: 

     Our articles provide everything from hints and tutorials to inspirational accounts of those who've started with a manuscript and a dream of being published, and are currently realizing their dreams thanks to their decision to self-publish.

     Our list of resources includes  items most self-publishing authors find convenient but don't always consider in connection with their publishing: Computer security services, separate web-based email accounts, marketing and so forth.

     Self-publishing services are offered ala carte for the ultimate in self-published authors' convenience.  Our rates are reasonable, and, due to our desire to grow as rapidly as we can, we're currently offering further discounts for authors choosing to place multiple titles with us.

     A word of note to parents and others who choose to find certain works offensive:  delPrado Press subscribes whole-heartedly to the idea and principle of "Freedom of Speech", which in our instance translates more broadly as "Freedom of Expression".  We do review every item we host, and we will apply a standard text to alert readers when a given title contains explicit or graphic descriptions of violence or sexuality.



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